Take control of your technology infrastructure by educating yourself how to use the latest software and cloud based solutions. We focus on "budget" minded tools that will help cut your bottom line as well. Our techniques are simple (meaning you don't need to know coding) and we offer support and partner with 125+ of the top services on the market today.

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The Right Tech

With so many different technology services and options available on the market, DIY Tech Solutions, helps you understand and build the right blue print for "your" needs. We don't believe in the cookie cutter approach.

DIY Tech Marketplace

Our DIY Tech Marketplace highlights over 125 of the best services available on the market today.  We support the services in the marketplace and offer custom training as well.

Custom Video Training

We offer custom video training for 12 different industries, in 12 different areas of focus, including website development, SEO, hosting, office set up and more.

Support Desk

Our support desk has many different support videos, and posts from our providers that you can view yourself 24/7.  In combination with the custom videos, help for your technology needs is always one click away.

Top Services in DIY Tech Marketplace

DIY Tech Solutions is affiliate with over 125 different technology providers.  We represent only the best companies in the areas of hosting, web design, marketing, SEO, Business Software, Security and more.  Learn more about the best solutions on the market today.

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Help Desk & Knowledgebase

Our DIY Tech Helpdesk & Knowledgbase has a ton of self help videos, plus a built in ticketing system, where our team can assist you with problems you are experiencing with specific services.  We support all of the services in our market place plus many more.

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Web Tools & DIY Tech Solutions

Knowing where to start and what services to use can be a daunting decision when trying to decipher what SaaS or CMS to use for your business.  At DIY Tech Solutions, we break down over 125 different services, give our feedback and offer 24/7 Help Desk & Knowledge base for self training. Learn how to build your own website, save money on telecom, or simply how to use Google Apps better. It’s all there for your disposal.

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