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We started McPheeters Communications Group, LLC (MCG) in St. Louis MO in 2001, operating as The Wireless Group.  Originally part of the Small Business Dealer Network, representing Sprint PCS, Nextel, VoiceStream (T-Mobile) and AT&T.  In 2003, The Wireless Group, invented MinuteGuard, a cell phone tracking software for the wireless industry, services larger accounts in the corporate channel.  After 4 years operating as MinuteGuard, the subsidiary was acquired by SyncPointe, then Quamtel (now Unified Signal).  At which point the parent LLC (MCG) shifted focus to digital project management, and web based technologies.

In 2003, The Wireless Group, invented MinuteGuard, a cell phone tracking software for the Wireless Industry. MinuteGuard received traction in the wireless arena, with recognition in St. Louis Post Dispatch, Wireless Week, Smart Money, NBC, ABC, Reader’s Digest, Wall Street Journal and a few others. After obtaining two process patents in 2007, MinuteGuard was acquired by SyncPointe, and then Quamtel (now Unified Signal).  At which point MCG, LLC shifted focus over to start up consulting, digital project management, and web based technologies.

In 2007, (MCG) started a third subsidiary, “eTech Consultant” and offered start up advice for small business owners and other digital projects.  Since 2007, eTech Consultant, has worked with many different start ups, to provide digital based strategy, ranging from video podcasts, to websites, to custom database management and infrastructure set up.  As of 2016, eTech Consultant is still operating with various clients, working with ideas from inception to delivery.

In 2016, (MCG), launched “Digital, Web, Etc.” which focuses on offering custom digital solutions, web publishing and eCommerce for business, charities and professionals. In March of 2016, we also launched “DIY Tech Solutions, LLC” and work with over 125+ of the top service providers around the globe.  Our goal is to provide budget friendly insight, tech savings, and video training for web based services, including website design, hosting setup, office setup, hardware, and much more.

In 2021 DWE Holdings, LLC will be launching several eCommerce websites that are geared for niche audiences.

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DWE Holdings, LLC (formerly McPheeters Communications Group, LLC) was founded in 2001, and specializes in full service support for digital media and web based projects at www.digitalwebetc.com

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DIY Tech Solutions offers Self Help Videos and Budget Friendly Advice for over 125 different tech services, which include web design, hosting, telecom, office software, hardware and more.

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eTech Consultant (etc) offers complete technology insight for any small business, start-up, or digital media project. We help with all aspects, including programming procurement, and cost management.

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Promote KC is a blog about all things Kansas City.  We spotlight business owners, local shops, regional charities and much more.

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Dedicated to exposing mis-marketing tactics and BS rhetoric, that we are exposed to every day.  Stories include rip off tactics, corporate smoke and mirrors, and political sleight of hand.

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This is a resource site for parents dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder. An instructional style website with parent self help videos in the area of ABA therapy for children on the spectrum.

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